Looking through Facebook yesterday and one of my friends Katie O'neal had posted this insane pic of Palouse Falls she took on Saturday March 31st. I've been there before many times but have never seen it so intense. After making a quick text to her to see when she took the photo she shot me over an email with the pic and a video attached that she also took after hiking to the top of the falls. Her quote was "It looked like a chocolate river running wild". Check out her video below.

Thanks to Katie O'neal one of the greatest female steelhead fisherwoman in the NW, just ask Scott Atwood of Atwood's NW Guide Service. Katie can't wait to go Rippin Some Lips with you and Atwood, thanks again for the pic and video.

Check out this killer video of Tyler Bradt taking the plunge over Palouse Falls in a kayak back in 2009 where he set a world record for the longest decent over a waterfall with the 186 foot fall.

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