Need Assistance in Locating a Stolen UHaul (similar to the one pictured)- Last night a family was staying at a hotel in Kennewick while moving from out of state to the Seattle area. During the night someone stole the UHaul they had rented along with a Toyota Tacoma being towed behind it. Inside the UHaul was a 10 year old Russian Blue cat. The U-Haul license plate is AZ -AE43203, a 2012 Ford E450 Truck. The trailer license plate is VA-324376TL​​​. The Tacoma is a 2011 w/ plate AZ-CGF4965. Call 509-628-0333 if the vehicle is located so the family is able to retrieve their belongings (KPD-18-22422)


This does NOT represent who we are or what we are all about in Tri-Cities!

The people are on it. You will be caught.

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