A unicorn, Care Bears, and Justin Bieber are three things that I would have never associated with professional football, but in the Fantasy Football Tattoo League, these three references have become life long commitments.

A few years ago a group friends got together and created a fantasy football league unlike any other fantasy football league. In this league, simply dubbed 'The Tattoo League', the overall last place team would have to get a tattoo of the league champions choice forever branding them as the 'fantasy loser' of that year. Luckily, the loser gets to choose the location of the artwork, but not the actual tattoo.

Now in the league's fourth year of existence, the losers in the past seasons have received tattoos of a unicorn and rainbow scene, a pack of care bears personified as Matt Forte, Tim Tebow, and Adrian Peterson, and the worst possible tattoo ever, yet absolutely hilarious...a Justin Bieber portrait with the hashtag #YoloSwag. I guess that's what you get for having a team called "Bieber's Entourage". Hopefully that same team loses again in 2013/2014 and he can get a matching Selena Gomez portrait on his other thigh.