When you're a die-hard fan of any band, one of the coolest things you can buy is a t-shirt that commemorates your love for the music. Taking your hard-earned cash, slapping it down on the merchandise table and saying, "I'll take that black one in a large," is one of the best feelings in the world.

Metallica have to have some of the coolest band shirts around. While there is no way for us to document every single t-shirt ever released by them, we did find 20 shirts that are currently available to fans that we can't stop drooling over. Whether you want to get them for us for our birthday, Christmas or just because you're feeling generous, we'll take one of each in a large.

'Young Metal Attack' / 'Kill 'Em All' (Metallica.com)
'Metal Up' / 'Jump in the Fire' (Metallica.com)
'Creeping Death' / 'Ride the Lightning' (Metallica.com)
'Damage Inc.' / 'Master of Puppets' (Metallica.com)
'Black Album 2012' / 'Sad But True Vintage' (Metallica.com)
'Snake Pit' / 'Distressed MOP' (Metallica.com)
'MOP Vintage' / Whiskey in the Jar' (Metallica.com)
'Pushead Heart Explosive' / '100% Fuel' (Metallica.com)
'Pushead BLUE xXx' / 'Foil Logo' (Metallica.com)
'Don't Tread 2012' / 'BLACK Pirate Shield' (Metallica.com)