It's time for Juggalos (Insane Clown Posse fans) worldwide to get excited because Faygo has announced that it will be creating ice cream inspired by some of its classic flavors.

The iconic Detroit-based soda (or "pop", as most Michiganders call it) company announced that it will be partnering with Browndog Barbour and Restaurant to offer six Faygo ice cream flavors: Unicorn Swirl, Choc & Rye, Groovy Grape, Motown Jam, Citrus Mist, and Peaches & Cream which will be available starting Friday, June 17th, as reported by Loudwire affiliate radio station 107.7FM WRKR.

Since the ICP's inception, Faygo has been a huge part of the group's mythos as well as Juggalo culture. Legend has it that at a concert early in ICP's career, vocalist Violent J hurled a 2-liter bottle at some hecklers, which thereafter Faygo became the unofficial official beverage of Juggalos and Juggalettes across the globe.

Fast forward to today and an ICP concert isn't complete without a Faygo-shower to cover the audience in the beloved sugary drink.

If you aren't a Juggalo or Juggalette yourself, or even if you live outside of the handful of states where it is quite popular and readily available, you may have not had the opportunity to indulge in the sugar-filled goodness of Faygo pop. If you ever find yourself taking a trip to Detroit, you may ask yourself which flavor to start with. Fret not, because Juggalos have the answers for you.

In a piece published by Thrillist, three Juggalos taste-tested each of Faygo's 48 different flavors and ranked them to find which flavors were the best. They concluded that the five best included Orange, Cola, Root Beer, Rock n' Rye, and Moon Mist, none of which are available as an ice cream flavor, so you may just have to take a gamble!

With this in mind, we'll go ahead and recommend Choc & Rye based on our own personal experience with the soda variety, but if you don’t want to take our word for it, try the new Faygo ice cream for yourself starting Friday, June 17th.

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