I've been telling this story to my friends for a while, but I thought you should hear it, too.

I'm a big concert goer, and I took my brother to see Linkin Park & 30 Seconds to Mars.

'Dallas Buyers Club' Premiere And Vanity Fair Award - The 8th Rome Film Festival
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30 Seconds to Mars is fronted by Academy Award-winning actor (and current Joker) Jared Leto. They're a fantastic band. They completely stole the show. I was hooked, I bought the t-shirt and got my CD signed by them. Loved it.

Anyways, my favorite song by them is "The Kill (Bury Me)," and as Jared Leto moved from end to end of the Gorge ampitheatre, he was within earshot of me. I was overeager and screaming along to the song, when he stopped me and said, "No, not yet. Slow down, baby."

Here's the video to prove it:

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