You may be wondering what in the world does Gaylord Focker do on Pinterest? Well I'll tell you a secret...

It passes the time while doing some work on the the porcelain patio. Without giving up too much information here are five pretty cool pins that were posted in the technology section of Pinterest.

Could you imagine seeing this cool cooler cruising around boat races? A definite essential in any man cave and for $69.95 any man or women could have one for themselves.




The Wireless Wristband Audio Player -

Currently just a prototype this is a pretty cool idea. I could see this being the future of mobile audio. Download your tunes right to your wrist. I wouldn't mind seeing this also have an AM/FM tuner tied into to. Whoever came up with this concept HURRY UP and get it built.




Pretty cool iPhone 4 docking station that turns your iPhone in a retro phone at home. Definitely cool but with cool comes a cost. $450 and it can be all yours from Freeland Studios. I guess if you have the money, why not.




Yep that's right if you've ever wanted to go back to the future you'll need one of these and now you can buy your very own on Ebay. You'll also need a Delorean but that's a small price to pay to go back and walk away from the craps table in Vegas when you WERE up about $1500.



One of the coolest aftermarket accessories for the iPhone. This is a 3-in-1 lens adapter gives your iPhone camera a fish eye lens, a wide angle lens and a macro lens that allows for close up shots. Check out a demonstration video here.