Although Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters grew up outside the Washington, D.C., area and is closely associated with the Seattle scene, he spent the first few years of his life in Warren, Ohio. On Saturday (July 7), the small city in northeastern Ohio will honor its native son in an inventive way.

The city will unveil 900-pound drumsticks at the Warren Amphitheater before a performance by Chris Higbee. The sticks, made from giant poplar trees, feature feathers etched into them modeled on the tattoos on Grohl’s arms. It is unknown if Grohl will be present at the ceremony.

Following the completion of the amphitheater’s concert program in September, the drumsticks will somehow be moved to David Grohl Alley, which was named in the musician’s honor in 2009. The alley is in Warren’s downtown, just south of Courthouse Square. Grohl returned to his hometown for the dedication.

Besides Grohl, other famous people who have lived in Warren include astronaut Neil Armstrong and football player Mario Manningham. The industrial town was also the home of the Packard Electric Company, which manufactured incandescent light bulbs and began building cars in 1902 until it was bought by General Motors in 1932.

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