Do you prefer to suck on certain foods instead of biting them?  A recent online survey asked about a bunch of different foods, and over a million people voted.  Here's what they said:

  1. Ice cubes. It's almost a tie, but SUCKING wins.  51% suck, and 49% bite.
  2. Orange slices. 73% bite them, and 27% suck.
  3. Breath mints. 75% suck on them, and 25% bite.
  4. Cheese balls. 16% suck on them.  So roughly 1 in 6 people enjoy a nice soggy mouthful of cheese-flavored corn meal.
  5. Hard candy. 14% of people risk their teeth and bite.
  6. Popsicles. 76% suck on them, and 24% bite.
  7. Chocolate. 77% bite.  23% suck and savor the taste.
  8. Gummy Bears.  Almost everyone agreed you have to bite.  Only 10% suck on them.

Candy canes and sugared almonds are also on the survey, plus the vote is on going so some of the percentages might be a little different than they were at the time of this post.

I'm about 50-50 on the ice, too....sometimes you need a good suck, other times a good crunch is more satisfying.

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