The Chariot, a metal band from Douglasville, Georgia, finished their final tour earlier this year. One of the band members said, "You don't really understand the music until you've seen us live." Since that isn't possible anymore, a new documentary (embedded below) archives that energy forever.

Most people probably won't understand The Chariot the first time they hear it, but it's a purely live experience. Seeing them and hearing them...are two completely different things. From the huge stage dives, to the sea of die-hard fans, and the ridiculous amount of climbing the walls, The Chariot is a live performance that will likely never be matched.

Their lyrics talk about things such as materialism, personal struggle, politics, Christian themes, and war. If you're expecting run-of-the-mill metal about breakups, killing, and other common topics, this is not it. The Chariot is a very deep and uplifting band, whose lyrics simply cannot be sung; they must be screamed at the top of the lungs, from every housetop, every hillside, in every street and in every town.

The instrumentals are thrashy and uncontrolled, with the rhythm constantly changing up. Make no expectations, because this is a band that defies them all.

Josh Scogin, the lead vocalist, has moved on to begin a new two-piece project, 68, and is the former vocalist of Norma Jean.

The following video is the documentary of the ridiculously fun and crazy shows they had, their feelings toward the band's breakup, and the spirituality of the music.