A former Pasco School District employee is facing charges of misconduct with a minor.

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Pasco School District Announces Charges Filed Against Former Employee

In a troubling development, a former employee of the Pasco School District, Shakell Walker, is facing charges from the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office for alleged illegal conduct involving a minor last year. The investigation into these serious allegations was initiated in February 2023 following a report from a concerned parent to the district. The charges were announced in a press release sent to parents of students in the district today.

The Pasco School District says that upon receiving the report, Mr. Walker was promptly placed on administrative leave in accordance with the standards of district procedures, and law enforcement was notified. It was also stated in the press release that since the report of abuse, Mr. Walker has had no contact with students and is no longer employed by the district.

"The safety and well-being of our students are our utmost priority," stated a district spokesperson in the release. "If proven true, these allegations represent a betrayal of trust and a departure from the standards we uphold for all district employees."

In consideration of student safety and privacy, the Pasco School District has chosen not to disclose further details about the case. Officials have urged the community to refrain from speculation, emphasizing that such actions could potentially interfere with the ongoing criminal investigation.

Throughout this challenging time, the district remains committed to maintaining a supportive and secure learning environment for students. Parents with any concerns regarding their child's well-being are encouraged to reach out to their school principal for assistance. The Pasco School District reassures the community of its dedication to addressing this matter with transparency and accountability while continuing to prioritize the welfare of its students. Read the full press release below:

"We recently learned that a former Pasco School District employee is being charged by the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office for illegal conduct with a minor last year. The investigation began in February 2023 after the district received a call from a concerned parent. The employee, Shakell Walker, was immediately placed on administrative leave following standard district procedure and the report was made to law enforcement. Mr. Walker is no longer employed with the district and has been directed to have no contact with students since the report was received.

With student safety in mind, we believe it is important that you are notified of this situation. If true, the allegations represent a breach of our trust and a disappointing departure from our standards for district employees. The safety of our students is the highest priority of both our school and district staff.

Due to the seriousness of the allegations, and to respect the privacy of all persons involved, the Pasco School District will not be providing any additional information about this matter. We respectfully ask everyone to refrain from any speculation regarding the allegations as it may have the unintended consequence of interfering with the ongoing criminal matter.

The District will remain focused on providing our students with a supportive and safe learning environment throughout this process. If you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact your school principal."

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