Some sort of miscommunication among members of the Franklin County Jail staff somehow allowed a convicted Level 3 child molester to be mistakenly cut loose.

How does that happen? It's not like the dude had to go all Andy Dufresne in "The Shawshank Redemption."

Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Franklin County Sheriff's Office

He looked like someone else scheduled to be released, so by simply posing as him, he got away with it? How about the guy who was SUPPOSED to be released? Talk about a swift kick where it hurts.

Have you seen the pictured rascal? The Franklin County Jail would like some assistance in tracking him down.

His name is Jose Eduardo Carcamo, he's 32-years old, stands 5' 5" tall and weighs 125 pounds. His last known address was the 6600 block of Wrigley Drive in Pasco.

Carmaco will now more than likely be charged with several other crimes like fraud and identity theft for deceiving jail personnel and assuming the identity of someone else.

Accidentally being set free, every criminal's dream, somehow came true for one.

A Level 3 Sex Offender, Carcamo was booked into the clink for an unrelated Assault Charge. Authorities swear he looked very similar to a man who was supposed to be released on a minor drug possession charge. How cliche, they all look alike, serious?

He was released from the Franklin County Jail early Monday afternoon. Carcamo was convicted of 1st Degree Child Molestation in 2005.

Officials say Carmaco's height, weight and physical appearance matched the other inmate.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Franklin County Sheriff's Office

According to the Franklin County Sex Offender Registry, Carcamo is trespassed from all public parks, swimming pools, libraries and public & private schools, in both Benton and Franklin Counties.

Anyone with information about Carcamo is urged to call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at 626-0333.


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