A video has gone viral of a group of elderly gents singing "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" at their local Tim Horton's.  The group turned out to be a barbershop group that uses the restaurant as a weekly meeting place.  That's all well and good, but the REALLY funny part is that Free Beer has admitted to his love of the barbershop style music.
He loves it so much, he will often waste hours on YouTube listening to barbershop music and pretending to sing along.  He even went to a barbershop festival at his college, where he was the only guy below the age of 70.  We don't judge you Free Beer, we just think that you have an old soul... an old, barbershop loving, soul.

See what Free Beer and Hot Wings have to say about the Tim Horton's barbershop singers below.

I would start stalking their schedule.  Hey are you guys gonna sing tonight?  No?  You're just gonna talk about old ladies who play grab ass?  Well then get out! - Free Beer

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