The guys tackled the recent topic of Jerry Jones and his wistful pining for the glory hole days of the Dallas Cowboys. Free Beer and Hot Wings asked the intern if she knew what a glory hole was. After getting a less-than-convincing answer, Hot Wings called her out and said, “You either know what it is or you don’t.”

Zane dryly pointed out that Jones was likely referring to the oil drilling term in his recent press conference, instead of the more deviant definition.

The guys then sent the intern back to Producer Joe and joked that he should show her what it meant. Hot Wings then encouraged anyone listening to feel free to Google image search the term, especially if they were at work. Free Beer had to reign it in though as the guys continued to dance around this topic as best they could, while doing a bad job of stifling their laughter.

Check out the bizarre video of Jerry Jones below:

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