Free Beer welcomed Tony Siragusa to the show to a bizarre tune of some geese honking. Leave it up to Producer Joe to find random stuff like that. Siragusa started things off by telling the guys that he was mad with them for not inviting him on the show earlier.

"How [has] a guy like myself not ever been asked to come on your show when you have a show named 'Free Beer and Hot Wings.' Are you kidding me?" said Siragusa.

Siragusa was on the show to promote his new book that Free Beer described as a "great read." Tony described a few stories from the book, including a constipation story that sounded a little messy.

"You used the carpet tape to tie your butt together," said Free Beer, describing a precaution that Siragusa took in order to make sure something disastrous didn't happen on the field.

Siragusa did most of the talking in the interview, going off on the differences in the NFL today compared to when he was playing. Zane asked him what he thought of the new officials, prompting Siragusa to say that it was a "huge concern for the league and the players."

Siragusa also took time to mention his Man Caves show on the DIY Network.