Local Boys Metal Recycling is a  metal recycling company that offers free pickups on anything made primarily, or partially, of any type of metal.

Instead of receiving a hernia while attempting to take your giant stove to the dump, save back strain and reduce greenhouse emissions by calling up these guys. Local Boys Metal Recycling offers services to residential areas, as well as, businesses.


Here is a list of scenarios where Local Boys Metal Recycling can help:

1) A Tsunami Washes Debris Up On Your Private Beach.

2)  A Spaceship Crashes In Your Backyard.

3) Your Ex-Boyfriend Was On Hoarders

4)  Epic Transformers Battle Occurs In Your Neighborhood.

5) A Satellite Crashes In Your Yard

Examples of Recyclable Items:


  • all appliances dead or alive
  • car parts
  • lawnmowers
  • wood stoves
  • household items
  • exercise equipment
  • broken tools
  • wires
  • car batteries
  • metal doors
  • cast iron sinks/tubs
  • cutoffs from projects of the past
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