Where Are The Splash Pads In Tri-Cities Washington?

Summer is here and if you're looking for a place to cool off, we've got 12 splash pads in the Tri-Cities you should check out.

tsm/maegan murray
tsm/maegan murray

Kennewick Has The Most Splash Pads Available In The Tri-Cities

I'm sure you remember the days of the good ole' Slip and Slide and running to the river to dive in to cool off. If you are looking for an inexpensive and most of the time free place for the kids to cool off, you should look at some of the Tri-Cities free splash pads that your kids will love.

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Here's A Listing Of All Of The Splash Pads In Tri-Cities Washington

Thanks to our friends at Tri-Cities Family Fun, we've compiled 12 splash pads around the Tri-Cities that the family will love. We also have several family community pools that cost a few bucks so kids can spend a lot of time at the pool getting their exercise.

We've created a gallery of the top 12 places to swim and keep cool in the Tri-Cities. You can click on a link on the photo and it will take you to the appropriate splash pad and city pool page

12 Free Splash Pads Around the Tri-Cities Worth Diving Into

Want to stay cool this summer in the Tri-Cities? Check out these 12 free splash pads around town that the kids will love to play in.

Staying cool in the Tri-Cities is easy when you have a handy guide to follow. The best part is a nice walk to the park and kids being occupied and burning energy isn't a bad way to spend their summer vacation away from school.

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