In my family, we have several animal lovers. My wife would bring home every cat, dog, frog, turtle, hamster, hedgehog, and guinea pig she found if she could. My daughter is very much like her mother, often going animal searching with her. My little one tells me animal facts all the time and loves going on animal adventures just like her heroes, the Kratt brothers.

Photo by Byron Burns on Unsplash
Photo by Byron Burns on Unsplash

It hadn't even occurred to me to go frog-seeing until I stumbled on a Reddit thread in the Tri-Cities subreddit.

What a great question I had never even thought to ask. So, where can you find some frogs in the Tri-Cities?

American Spirit Trail (Kennewick)

This seems to be the best spot for looking for frogs, and according to one commenter, the buggers are loud.

Kadlec (South Richland)

Kadlec has really nice facilities and their building on Fowler Street features a pond with fish and frogs.

Bateman Island

When my sister-in-law and I go fishing, the only thing louder than the frogs is the other humans.

McNary Wildlife Nature Loop (Burbank)

McNary features all sorts of wildlife including birds, turtles, and toads.

Columbia Park (Audobon Trail)

Columbia Park is expansive but their man-made pond features wildlife, mostly birds, but you can get lucky and spot frogs too.

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