Collusion is a delusion illusion, is that the conclusion?

Now that the Mueller Rushkie report is out and we're moving on, (yeah, right) and 2020 is far enough off for the of-course-its-coming-election-interference-again, lets get back to the party, man, randy Russians full of vodka and great ideas like these:

A Russian perfume company has pulled a new scent the called "Sexual Harassment". The head of Nimere Parfums, apologized on Instagram, admitting that he hadn't thought it through properly. "My mistake was that, at that moment, I didn't think about the real victims: the people who really have lived through this. I was only thinking about my own creative freedom and my own ego. I made a mistake,"


And then there's the naked guy who tried to board a plane in Russia claiming the nudity made him more aerodynamic. The man passed through the Ural Airlines flight’s registration before suddenly stripping off his clothes and running stark naked onto the jet bridge, eyewitnesses said.

“He shouted that he was naked because clothing impairs the aerodynamics of the body. He flies with more agility when undressed,” a fellow passenger was quoted as saying.

See for yourself.

Cheers to a round of white russians with the Dude. The Dude obliges.

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