Hollywood gossip fiends are buzzing about how Shia LaBeouf wouldn't shower while filming "Fury" to get into character and allegedly pulled his own tooth out to prove his dedication to the character. True or not, he and Brad Pitt appear to have made one fantastic movie.

Pitt's new movie "Fury" is scheduled to premiere Nov. 14, but it has fans salivating now. A World War II tank battle movie would like to do well with any story or cast, but this movie seems stocked with both. Shia LeBeouf and Michael Peña co-star along with a strong supporting cast.

Director David Ayer has called Pitt's performance "insanely good."

What we know from the trailer is Pitt is a sergeant commanding a Sherman tank crew in the waning battles of the European theater. He remarks the crew has been together since chasing Rommel in Africa.