As this video begins, one is impressed with the speed with which this garbage man jumps from his truck and begins disposing of the waiting trash bags. Now that’s one dedicated civil servant.

However, things quickly take a turn when his haste becomes rage and he begins smashing a trash bin on the side of his truck.

Looks like somebody didn’t eat his Wheaties this morning. Or perhaps chowed down on some steroids instead.

When he’s done with the trash can, he moves to the mailbox, ripping if from the ground, destroying it and then tossing it into the back of the truck. Although when he is done with his mail-icide, his garbage collector instincts take over, and he carefully picks up and disposes of the letters that had fallen out of the mailbox.

All in all, quite a bizarre display. So is this a case of a bad day on the job gone horribly wrong? According to the YouTube poster, the video is actually an April Fool’s Day prank he played on his boss. So turns out it was staged all along.

Still, the video is somewhat reminiscent of the footage of the FedEx driver who badly mishandled a computer monitor during home delivery. You can check that one out below.