Everybody knows a sober Nazi is preferred over a tipsy Nazi.

People in the German town of Ostritz, in Saxony, found themselves hosting a Nazi and white supremacist music festival held over the weekend. So they bought up all of the booze beforehand so the Nazis couldn't have any!

"We wanted to dry the Nazis out."

There was already an alcohol ban in place to deter potentially violent situations at the "Shield and Sword" (Schild and Schwert) Festival, in anticipation of hundreds descending on the small town. But locals, predicting some neo-Nazis would attempt to purchase more alcohol once they were at Ostritz, took it upon themselves to stock up on hundreds of crates of beer from a local store.


Dontcha just love it when residents go the extra mile to ruin a fascists’ weekend?

The denizens of the small burg first got the idea of buying up all the beer themselves after around 60 neo-Nazis were spotted drinking in their supermarket.

And when the hooligans learned what the locals were doing, the insults and shouting started flowing: "You anti-fascist-sons-of-bitches!"


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