I am white. I am as white as can be. I'm Irish and English and I know nothing about great Hispanic food. My friend Lady Leah has a family that is traditional Hispanic. She was raised on amazing, traditional Hispanic food. She knows all the ins and outs -- all the secrets -- about the local taco trucks.

Today she took me to her FAVORITE taco truck -- Esperanza. It used to be next to the train in Pasco off of 3rd, and is now on Fourth and Court Street in a bus.

Now I don't know anything about Hispanic food, but I will tell you that what I ate was amazing. I kept it pretty simple and just ordered four beef tacos and a Sprite. But Leah ate a torta, which is basically a shredded pork burger.

I thought the food was great. They made it fast. It was very fresh. Leah says there isn't another truck like it in town.

They also have a cool salsa bar/refrigerator -- that was cool. Lots of good salsa including stuff I've never seen before.

If you've driven by before and been scared to stop -- DON'T BE. The food is amazing and you're missing out. When the clubs close -- even Joker's in Richland -- EVERYONE goes to Esperanza. In fact, 2 a.m. is their busy time! They ALL go! It's the spot!

Over the next couple weeks I'll have Leah bring me to other taco trucks and I'll give you my perspective.