Doing some digging on Ghost, the third of four exclusive 97 Rock 25th Anniversary gigs September 17th in Kennewick's Toyota Center, I figured a bold label such as, "The Ultimate Tour Named Death" warranted some specifics as what to expect.

King Diamond meets Alice Cooper meets Queen?

How can something with themes so dark and gloomy actually sound bright and non-threatening? It's a quandary, I tell you, but eventually a happy quandary because if you go to the show, 97 Rock is thinking you'll be real stoked you did.

They've won Grammys, reignited a new generation of young people to pick up an instrument and let it rock and despite changes in the band, the brand, Ghost, has never been stronger and has never sounded better.

Known for their elaborate stagecraft and costumes, Ghost will bang out their track roster against a backdrop resembling a medieval cathedral, complete with stained-glass windows that depict the departed “Papa” incarnations portrayed and subliminally played by lead singer Tobias Forge.

Their latest album is Prequelle, 97 Rock has featured multiple cuts off the multi-Grammy nominated album, which sold, ironically maybe or destiny, 66,000 copies in its first week.

The band is opening shows for Metallica in Europe this summer before beginning the Ultimate Tour Named Death (TC is the fourth show on this tour) and besides hopefully some new material, they will play their blistering cover of Enter Sandman that definitely got Lars' attention.

Download the 97 Rock mobile app, because a Ghost ticket blitz is coming up on you creepy fast, and 97 Rock is giving up Ghost and Nothing More freebs through the push notifications on the app.

Tickets start at just $13 and you can buy them here.

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