Gilby Clarke has worked with a lot of different artists throughout his life, but his time in Guns N' Roses was perhaps the most notable. In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, the guitarist spoke about his respect for the band and the "rebellious spirit" they're known for — which he believes they are now lacking.

Clarke was invited to play with GN'R when they reunited in 2016, but his daughter's band was performing at Lollapalooza and he wanted to be present for their performance. However, he affirmed that the door is "always" open between himself and the band.

"No matter what, I have respect for the band. I've always thought that even after I wasn't in the band, I always paid the band their respect," he said. "I never took it for what it was or what it wasn't but I always tried to treat those years with respect."

"I never try to put the band down or try to gain from that," he continued. "But if it ever came up, I'd have to see what the situation is. Just like before when people asked me and I said, yeah I would absolutely be a guest."

The rocker revealed that in aside from the band's aggressive and bluesy sound, what he initially liked about them the most was their attitude.

"I also loved the rebellious spirit of the band, and we really needed that punk rock-esque rebellious spirit at that time when there were a lot of MTV bands that weren't living that rebellious spirit," he explained. "I don't think the band is very rebellious right now. But that's what attracted me to it in the very beginning."

Clarke played in Guns N' Roses following the departure of Izzy Stradlin in 1991 until 1994. His new solo album The Gospel Truth is underway, and he just released a song called "Tightwad" with Nikki Sixx and Stephen Perkins last month. Check it out below.

Gilby Clarke, "Tightwad"

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