Girl Scout cookie season is upon us. I buy at least 10 boxes of the purple-box ones. I never remember their names, so I hope that they don't change the color of the box. The girls are out in full force going door-to-door, business to business, getting the cookies out there.

So why not set up shop outside of a business that you know will get you a cookie-sale merit badge with the Girl Scouts? Everyone who smokes weed has the munchies and everyone who smokes weed loves Girl Scout cookies. This little girl sold out of her cookies, but it raised some eyebrows.

The Girl Scouts of America head office, it's reported, says that if a minor can't go into a place of business then they shouldn't be selling outside of that business.

But weed is legal now. It isn't a drug and has never been a drug. Leave the girl alone.

She is making money for the Girl Scouts, and she raised enough for herself to go to horse camp. Good girl!

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