The say the pen is mightier then the sword, and now we can say the baseball bat is mightier then the shotgun...kinda.

A group of guys in Benton City reported being assaulted by another guy with a shotgun but later saved by that same man's girlfriend. The man with the shotgun, Jarrod Rafe Logan Stroh, was arguing with three others near Yakitat Road when things got violent, according to news reports.

Stroh started fighting with the men and after being restrained multiple times went into his house to get the shotgun. He then assaulted and threatened the three men, even pushing the gun into the chest of one man with a prosthetic leg that could not run away.

Just when things could take a turn for the worse, Stroh's girlfriend came out of the house to break it up with a baseball bat and stood between Stroh and the three men. That allowed enough of a distraction for the men to run away and call police. Deputies got a search warrant, came to the house and found the shotgun, then booked Stroh for assault in the second degree.