I don't care how old you are. If you're not great at talking to girls or asking them out, girls in general are a huge stress in your life. Luckily, the kind girls at Reddit have offered up their advice and preferences.

"Please don't invite me over to your house on a first date. I don't care how well you cook, take me out for dinner or drinks or coffee. I would feel more comfortable in a public place, especially if I don't know you that well. It can be a lot of pressure of a first date to be romantic, even though I'm just trying to figure out if I like you as a person yet. We just met, can we try to be friends, first?"

"Talk to me. Establish shared mutual interests and some type of ~bond~. Suggest that we do something related to those mutual interests!"

"In an open, well lit, public place with plenty of exits."

"1. Lower Standards Drastically 2. Drink Alcohol 3. Go for it"

"I don't know how much I care. I find the stumbling over words a little endearing. Just do it. Girls are different because girls are people. We all like to be asked in different ways. Sure it is great to find a cool and interesting way to do it, but in the end, she'll care more that you did it rather than make sure you did it smoothly.

Boys are people too. They have differing opinions. The point is when questions like this are asked, someone is looking for one collective answer that girls cannot give because we are all different. The way that boys are all different. Because we are all people."

"Just straight up ask. Setting up a coffee or lunch date is preferable. Low stress, and no fear on the girls part that all you want is ass. Little harder to take a girl home after a lunch date."

"What, we're supposed to wait for guys to ask us? F**k that. If I want a date, I'll ask him."

"Call me on the phone. That way when you hang up I will have butterflies in my stomach. Plus it takes a lot of courage to call a girl and ask her out. I am more likely to say yes when you call."

"Find a chick you think seems interesting. Chat her up, find out about her, and talk about yourself too, so you aren't being creepy. Keep it friendly, and don't dominate the convo. Ask if you can buy her a drink. Let her pick, chat her up some more. Get her number, send a text later that night, ask her if she got home okay. Ask her out the next day. If shes not chatty, move on."

"If you can do it confidently, hanging out as friends and flirting when given the right signals can go a long way. That confidence is key."

How to swoon a girl if you aren't "attractive";

"Show off your wit, passion and talents via communication. I find typically "unattractive" guys in the societal sense to be the most interesting people. Societal "attractive" guys have been coddled and have a tendency to be egotistical, annoying and boring. Intelligence is sexy. Do that."

Then, there's this guy.

"I think every girl who has responded so far is picturing their "ideal guy" as being the ones asking them out."

Here's an interesting point of view given by Louis C.K. on how men are in fact, the greatest danger to women.

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