The hottest April temperature every recorded anywhere in the world may have been just been set in Pakistan.

The temperature in Nawabshah -- in the Sindh Province of Pakistan -- hit an incredulous 122.4 degrees Fahrenheit. says that temperature will beat out a record set on April 19th of last year.

The city also just set a national record for the hottest temperature during the month of March.

Heat records being consistently broken is becoming the new normal.

The city of Nawabshah has a population of 1.1 million and is located about 120 miles from the Indian Ocean. The intensity of the heat was enough to grind activity in the city to a halt, according to local media.

The unbearable heat forced people to remain indoors throughout the day. Roads and markets were deserted, and business activities came to a halt. The worst sufferers of heatstroke were laborers and motorcyclists.

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