If Starbucks can sell pumpkin spice lattes in late August, I guess we can talk Halloween candy in early September. Glow in the dark candy wrappers will definitely be a must have at the cool houses on the block this Halloween.

Reese's, Kit Kats and Hershey's bars will all be available in special glow-in-the-dark packaging just in time for Halloween.

Courtesy Hersheys

Think of the possibilities beyond just eating the candy. You could light your walkway to your front door with the treats hoping no one swipes a handful and runs. You can tape them to the ceiling in some kind of old school black light party or something.

But the biggest advantage? Late night sweet tooth stealth run. With glow in the dark wrappers it'll make it that much easier to sneak into the pantry without stumbling or clanging something to satisfy that gotta-have-sugar fix.

Courtesy Kit Kat

And that's just some of the crazy cool glow-in-the-dark ideas, many more can be found here. Glow in the dark candy bags will hit the shelves soon, if they're not there already and they won't last long.