Godsmack singer Sully Erna recently underwent knee surgery, and is now at home resting and recovering from the procedure.

The injury to Erna’s left knee isn’t new or recent. He actually sustained a sports injury a while back and only recently had the surgery to repair the problem.

According to a post on Godsmack’s official site, the singer is hardly interested in rest for the wounded. The post stated that Erna is “already bored and ready to get back to work.” Perhaps he’ll grab a guitar and write some riffs while holed up and resting! Time off is certainly not commonplace for a band with a work ethic like Godsmack.

Erna will be back on his feet — literally and figuratively — soon enough. Godsmack have a planned tour with their fellow Massachusetts rockers Staind for 2012. Godsmack also have to mix a live album and record some covers in the studio in the coming weeks, so that knee operation won’t keep an active man like Sully Erna down.

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