Relatives and friends are helping to raise money for the family of a Pasco man who died in a motorcycle crash.

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21-year-old Dimitry Tverdokhleb was traveling West on A Street in Pasco when his motorcycle crashed into a vehicle on 4th Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

Tverdokhleb was transported to Kadlec Hospital in Richland where he passed away from his injuries.

The woman driving the vehicle was injured in the collision, however, no details have been released about her condition.


According to the fundraising page, set up by Anna Koval:

Our friend and brother Dima Tverdokhleb left us on May 10, 2022. Dima died in a tragic traffic accident. He left so suddenly. He will be missed! Loving brother, loving son, Great cousin, and a good friend.

In this hard time for the parents of Dimitry Tverdokhleb, we would like to take the financial load off their shoulders. We ask that whatever amount God puts on your heart to donate we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless you!

You can make a donation by clicking the button below.

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