Just a week ago, if you said the name Ted Williams, I would assume you were talking about the hall of fame Baseball player. This week, when I hear the name Ted Williams, I think of homeless people, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Mac N Cheese.

The Columbus Dispatch posted a video on their website of a homeless man named Ted Williams, holding a cardboard sign, saying he had a "golden voice". Within one day the video had been viewed millions of times. Since his story first appeared, Williams has received several job offers including the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team offering him a job and a house. The offer calls for Williams to do full-time voiceover work with the Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena. Williams responded, "That’s the best deal ever!" Williams was officially hired by MSNBC to provide voiceovers for the network. Williams was also hired to be the voice behind Kraft Foods' new TV campaign, which recently launched on ESPN during the 2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on January 9. Check out the video below. Talk about a rags to riches story, literally!