We told you about the upcoming Google Glasses a few weeks ago, and now we have a few more details to share.

The Android-powered specs, which were inspired by the Oakley Thump sunglasses above, are slated for release later this year. So, what do they do?

If you have them on while you’re looking at a landmark, the glasses will project augmented reality information (like, say, historical or background information gleaned from Google) in your field of vision. For instance, if you’re at a party or a work function, facial-recognition technology could even remind you who someone is and where you initially met them. Fancy!

Basically the glasses would deliver all of Google’s features — email, search, maps, etc. — directly to your eyeballs. The specs would work on the Android system, with a third-party providing 3g or 4G Internet speeds. Need to check your email and don’t want to go to all the trouble of looking at your cumbersome smart phone? Simply tilt your head to scroll through emails or texts. (The screen is controlled via a mouse that responds to head movements. Yes, this is a real thing that is happening.)

Other features include using Google Latitude to determine and share your locations, search Google Image to, say, find out the artist of a painting at a museum or use Google Shopping to price check something at a store. Pretty much anything you’ve done on your phone, you can now do via voice commands and have them beamed directly into your eye sockets. Yep, you’ll basically be the evil Terminator from ‘T2.’

While the futuristic technology might be neat, many are already complaining about the bulky, unattractive design and general safety of the glasses. (Google is quick to say the glasses are “not being designed to be worn constantly.”) And, of course, they won’t come cheap. One expert estimates the price to be between $250-$600. Turns out finding John Connor doesn’t come cheap.