Consaucion Rabadan-Medina says it was self defense when he shot the rear and passenger-side of his girlfriend's husband's vehicle six times. Francisco Ocampo Villalba took two bullets and went to the Kadlec hospital. Rabadan-Medina fled the scene and hit another car.

It all started when Villalba called Rabadan-Medina wanting to meet up so he could confront the man about sleeping with his wife. Rabadan-Medina didn't show up, and then said he'd meet Villalba at Villalba's Prosser home, which was not agreeable to the husband.

A witness says the husband parked his car, got out, walked to the gate, and then ran away as seven shots were fired. Police later found a 9 mm gun.

Rabadan-Medina says the husband was trying to ram him with his car.