A lot of movies that are based in Seattle aren't actual filmed in the city. For the new movie 'Grassroots', that wasn't the case. The flick starring Jason Biggs, Joel David Moore, Lauren Ambrose, and Cedric The Entertainer is an adaptation of the book "Zioncheck for President" written by Phil Campbell.

Since the movie is based and filmed in Seattle, its only fitting that music from the area would be featured. Among the music on the soundtrack are a pair of unheard songs from Layne Staley, recorded prior to the late Alice in Chains frontman's death in 2002.

No further details or clips of the songs have been released yet. Check out the trailer for 'Grassroots' below.

This based-on-a-true-story film follows a music critic and punk rock-fan and a grassroots activist, Grant Cogswell (Joel David Moore), who loves Seattle so much he has the city logo tattooed on his arm, and his decision to run for city council. Phil Campbell (Jason Biggs), is a burnt-out recently fired alt-weekly reporter who is inspired by his friend Grant's passion and he agrees to manage Grant's campaign.