I have a goal to see all the lighthouses in the United States and for that matter, everywhere, before I die! I love them. Each one of them tells a story. You would be surprised at some of the history that our lighthouses tell right here in the state of Washington. They are truly incredible. I have seen the lighthouse at Cape Disappointment and it was pretty cool. But, the Grays Harbor Lighthouse at Westport is also amazing. Grays Harbor Lighthouse at Westport is the tallest lighthouse in the state. It still serves as an active lighthouse with an electric lamp. The pictures you see here are of the glass that once served as the light for the boats and ships. My friend Sandy and I went.

It is quite amazing how they built it so many years ago. Everything in it is still almost the same with some slight repair, the guide told us. One of the coolest things at this lighthouse is the staircase and the poles. They are made to look like lighthouses.

The gentlemen who took us on our tour are retired United States Coast Guardsmen. They really knew their stuff. If you ever have a chance to go, you need to. The view of the ocean is amazing from the top of the lighthouse. It is breathtaking to stand there and feel the history that surrounds you. I can't wait to go again.

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