As I get excited for the release of "Man of Steel" in a few days, I've been pondering this question raised during one of the movie's best fight scenes.

If you think about evolution, it seems the most cut-throat species make it in the end. I guess that's why we're kind of the oxymoron of nature. If we truly evolved from nature, it's weird how everything else does not have morals and we do.

Where did those morals come from? Technically, it SHOULD be an evolutionary advantage. But if that's true, you would have seen it in species that came before us.

Primates, dogs, dolphins, etc. don't have morals but they have signs of feelings. It's not necessarily the same thing, but it's linked to it -- probably a first step.

And if one does argue morality is an advantage, how can you parse that from the advantage from intelligence?

What are your thoughts?