Sometimes it can seem like an impossible feat to get your kids to eat healthy vegetables. As a dad of two kids, I have learned a trick or two to help with the war of making sure my kids eat healthy. If you are struggling with this, here are a few tips I got together that hopefully make your life a little easier.

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    Blend & Hide Them in Foods

    You can blend up veggies like broccoli and cauliflower and put them in mashed potatoes, muffins, hamburger patties, burritos, and many sauces. My wife has a few books that give great recipes that hide stuff in food.

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    Green Smoothies

    My wife does this a lot actually, and my kids love them. She uses fruit juice to cut some of the bitterness of things like kale. You would be surprised how good some recipes can be! Experiment in small amounts to find what you like.

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    Offer Wide Variety of Dips

    Kids love to dip their veggies, so give them a lot of options and they will eat more. Some good ideas are peanut butter, low fat ranch, humus, sour cream, and soy sauce.

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    Grow Your Own Veggies

    Kids will be more likely to eat veggies that they helped grow. Start a small garden where you can grow your own like carrots, peppers, squash, or tomatoes.

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    Serve Veggies First

    Maybe not the best of ideas, but you can use it as a last resort. Feed them the veggies first and they don't get the rest of dinner until they are done.

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