Friday night at around 11:15 pm a passenger aircraft pilot reported to Seattle Air Traffic Control that someone aimed a green laser pointer light at the aircraft. The light went into one of the cockpit windows where the pilots were seated. This occurred as the aircraft was descending to land at the Pasco Airport, northbound. The approximate location where the laser light came from is an area between Nine Canyon Rd, SR 397, Terril Rd, Fremont Rd, and 1924 PR SE, in the Finley area.

BCSO Green Laser
BCSO Green Laser

Aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft can create a dangerous situation for the pilot. Even if it seems the laser seems to end, the light continues and can easily reach an aircraft. Not only can it be a distraction to the pilot, it can cause glare and temporary blindness. It can also damage a pilot's eyes. In addition, the person is subject to arrest if identified.
If anyone has information about who was involved, please call us at 628-0333, case #18-03003.

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