I saw the new comic book super hero movie, "Guardians of the Galaxy" over the weekend and loved it -- freaking loved it.

I laughed my ass off -- snappy dialogue -- I can't recommend it enough.

I wasn't alone. It made $90 million in ticket sales. That's the biggest August box office opening in over a decade -- I think it was one of the Bourne movies that set the previous record.

It was the perfect space western and had a lot of comic relief starting with what they call "The Ultimate Mix Tape."

It's really hard to describe why I had such a good time. I just loved the scenes where all hell's breaking loose and they still have the time to give each other the business never taking themselves too seriously.

It had great special effects. I loved the  bad guys. It was just a hoot -- a real romp.

I have to applaud the producers because this success was done with D-list Marvel characters. They took a big gamble using these characters because practically no one's heard of them and no one bought the comic books

It again goes to show that a solid story with a good script can prove all the experts wrong. You don't need to know the source of the characters and all that other comic book stuff, just keep an open mind and and enjoy the ride.