Tracking the football history between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, you can add an odd electronic billboard message to the lore between the two in 2020, even before the combatants take the field.

This is an electronic billboard put up this week in Green Bay.

Drivers and pedestrians have noticed the image taking a shot at Seattle Seahawks' coach, Pete Carroll, who is known for chewing gum on the sidelines at games.

I know, random, maybe a little clever, but whatever.

Otto Greule Jr

On the field, looking back at the history of these two, remember the "Fail Mary" in Week 3 of the 2012 NFL season? The regular referees were still on strike and amongst the replacements, on the final play of the game, when one official signaled touchdown on a heave-ho by Russell Wilson to the end zone and the other ruled a touchback, mass confusion and embarrassment ensued, Seattle would eventually prevail, but that was the final straw, so embarrassing, the NFL and the officials union got a deal done and the normies were back to work the following week.

In the playoffs, the 2003 Wild Card game in Green Bay saw crazy legs Matt Hasselbeck popping off after winning the OT coin toss, "we want the ball and we're going to score." He then proceeded to throw a pick-six and the Pack won 33-27 in overtime.

YouTube 2003 Wild Card NFL

Green Bay was thoroughly dominant beating the Seahawks at Lambeau Field in the NFC Divisional Playoffs in 2007, winning 42-20.

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No one in the Pacific Northwest will ever forget the 2014 NFC Championship Game as the Hawks rallied in improbable fashion, down 16-0 at the half, committing 5 turnovers but then scoring a TD on a fake field goal to an offensive lineman, recovering an onside kick after it bounced off a Packer helmet, and then...

YouTube 2014 NFC Championship

Jermaine Kearse catching a Russell Wilson post pattern deep ball that beat Green Bay in OT 28-22, allowing the Seahawks to move on to lose to New England on that one-yard-line-interception-not-giving-it-to-Beast-Mode-leading-to-2020's-Unfinished-Business business.

Seattle is a four point underdog in Green Bay, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has the line of the Packers by 5.

Go Hawks!!