It’s not exactly been an easy ride so far for Axl Rose, who’s had a very accident-prone run on the road this year with Guns N’ Roses.

Before the tour even started, Rose tweeted a photo of a nasty bruise with the captions ‘Can U say HemaToma?’ and ’50 Shades of Purple’ that were the result of the 50-year-old rocker dancing on a table top at a Russian nightclub. But that was just the beginning of what was turning into a somewhat dangerous trip overseas.

During Sunday’s performance in Liverpool, things got a little testy when the band took the stage nearly two hours late. At one point during the set, Axl Rose stopped the group’s performance when a fan threw a beverage onstage in his direction. Rose gave the crowed a warning, but eventually continued the show.

Finally finishing the set, the noticeably limping Rose told the fans, “Thanks for coming out. You guys have been great. Thanks for putting up with my hobbling around. Be safe getting out of here.” While making the comments, he proceeded to fall backwards at the side of the drum riser. Welcome to the tumble!

Watch Axl Rose Take a Fall After Liverpool Performance

Watch Axl Rose Stop a Performance After Dodging a Beer

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