This is so wrong on so many levels.

First the fetish, then the need to feed said fetish.

A guy in Arizona had a fetish where he wanted women to treat him like a baby....including bathing him and changing his dirty diapers.

So he pretended to have Down syndrome and hired nurses to come take care of him.

His first nurse was duped about 30 times and she told investigators he became aroused most times he was bathed and often he continued complaining his genitals were not clean enough, so she would more agressively re-wash them.

He was finally busted after the THIRD nurse got suspicious, followed him home, and asked his parents if it was a ruse and they confirmed that their son indeed did not have Down syndrome, just a sick POS who gets off on tricking people so he, in turn, can get off.

I added the sick POS part, his parents didn't say that. But they did confirm there is no Down syndrome.

He's now facing felony sex abuse charges. A four count felony complaint.

He's 31-year old Paul Menchaca. And he's thankfully been removed as a classroom aide in the Chandler, Ariz. school district.

More details at The Smoking Gun.

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