It is sometimes difficult for adults to understand today's youth growing up in a world defined by the internet. That's why people were alarmed to find half-naked teenage boys in boxer shorts lying at the duck pond with bread glued to their chests.

After stopping to talk to them, and taking their photo to share on a popular Facebook group, one motorist discovered they were filming a video to share on Youtube.

She called them "super nice" and described it as "good, clean fun."

Others on Facebook expressed disbelief they'd lay bare their "vulnerable" parts to geese, notoriously mean, cantankerous beasts who'd all end up in jail were they people.

Many felt the need to share their knowledge that bread and glue are not good for geese. At least a few people care whether those loud, annoying birds pooping slime all over our public parks live or die.

My favorite comment was simply, "I don't think laying by the duck pond would be considered clean fun." Touché. How right you are.

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