Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease or HDMD is in Tri-Cities and you need to pay attention especially if you have small children. I just got through over a week of dealing with this in my household and believe me, you do not want it. They say that mostly only kids under 5 get this viral disease, but I got it and other adults I know have gotten it also. Here are a few tips I learned in dealing with HFMD and I hope they help you.

The first signs that you are sick is a high fever around 101 degrees and a severe sore throat. The fever lasts for a day or two and then you start to develop small red blisters on your feet, hands, and mouth that itch and eventually can turn into boils. They hurt so bad on my feet an hands that I could not stand up or pick up things with my fingers for 2 days. Some people only get a rash on their hands and feet, while some might just get a rash in their mouth and throat. I got them everywhere and it sucked big time, trust me you do not want it.

Some tips to get you through it:

#1-Use ibprophin to control your fever, because it lasts for almost 6 hours before you have to take it again. Also suck on Pedialyte popsicles to help with keeping fluids in you because it will be hard to swallow.

#2-Wash your hands a lot and wear socks to keep the virus from spreading. The virus can spread through the stuff that comes out of your blisters and can stay alive on surfaces for over  weeks if not cleaned. Washing your hands a lot will help minimize the spread.

#3-No kissing or touching people, including your kids. The virus can be spread by just being around a person sick with fever but 24 hours once the fever breaks you can only pass it through touching contaminated surfaces.

#4-After the fever breaks, you are STILL CONTAGIOUS for a couple days until the blisters go away and scab over. You may not even get blisters until 24 hours after your fever breaks, because that is what happened to me.