If you watched "American Idol" on TV May 12, you might have noticed contestant Laine Hardy strumming a fuchsia-pink guitar.

The guitar stood out so much that Katy Perry even commented on it, and believe it or not, the guitar was hand built right in Walla Walla.

Walla Walla Guitar Company produced the instrument for its new owner Laine Hardy, who is now a top-5 finalist on this season of "American Idol."

Laine's dad reached out to the guitar company and commissioned the instrument.

The owners of the Walla Walla Guitar Company knew a good deal when they saw it  and let Laine keep the guitar if he played it on the show. It meant that millions of viewers would see the guitar and give it world-wide exposure.

You can check out the NOW famous guitar in the video clip below. If you want to know more about the guitar and its travels read the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin story.  

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