Today, February 4th is one of the greatest rockers in the business birthday! Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper's real name is Vincent Damon Furnier and his was born February 4, 1948. I have seen him 11 times in concert and it is never the same show twice. Thank god he was born.

He is the king of shock rock and will always have some of the best music and shows ever. My favorite Alice Cooper tunes:

#1 'Poison' [this comes from the time when I was really getting into Alice]

#2 'I'm Eighteen'

#3 'Hey Stoopid' [mainly because of the video]

#4 'Welcome To My Nightmare' [watch for truth serum in video its awesome]

#5 'Ballad Of D Fry'

#6 'Feed My Frankenstein'

#7 'Only Woman Bleed'

#8 'Under My Wheels'

#9 'Muscle Of Love'

#10 'Billion Dollar Babies'

Schools Out is #11  I like it, but clearly it is not my favorite!