Legendary singer/musician/songwriter Kurt Cobain for the Seattle band Nirvana would be 47 today.His lyrics and lifestyle will live on with us forever. It is very sad to know how he went out in this world and will always be some controversy on how it happened. I wonder how he would feel about the world of music now if he were still alive. I also often wonder where he would be at today musically if he were still alive and would the Foo Fighters even exist. These will always be curious questions but no matter, his music will never leave us whether you like him or not.

Cobain was born February 20th 1967 in Aberdeen Washington and died [or killed depending on how you look at it] April 5th 1994 in Seattle Washington. God rest his soul and Happy Birthday to legendary Kurt Cobain!

My favorite Nirvana.

Nirvana and 'Lithium'

Nirvana and 'Rape Me'

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