February 23rd marks the birthday of Michael Wilton or 'The Whip' since he is amazing at whipping his fingers across the fretboard of his guitar.Michael Wilton was born in 1962 and he is the co-founder of the amazing rock and metal band Queensryche along with Geoff Tate.

In 2002 it started a side project with Alice In Chains, Nick Pollock called 'Soulbender' and the released one album in 2004.

Happy Birthday Michael Wilton and your amazing guitar playing! Here is my favorite Queensryche tunes with Michael Wilton!


Queensryche - 'Eyes of a Stranger'

Queensryche - 'I Don't Believe In Love'

Queensryche - 'Another Rainy Night [without you]'

Queensryche - 'Anybody Listening?'

Queensryche - 'Silent Lucidity'